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Gathered from Middle Java Highland and distillated in our own plant. We are fully guaranted the originality of our patchoulli oil. The production capacity is 500 kg per month and could be increased up to 1000 kg per month if necessary. The minimum order is 200 kg and we have very negotiable price for long term order.

We also produce patchouli oil for aromatheraphy use which packed on 10 ml bottle. There is no added cost if you want to have own brand. The minimum order is 100 bottles for just 2.5 US$ per bottle. 1,000 bottles for 2 US$ each and 10,000 bottles for 1,5 US$ each.

For further information please contact :

Arif Hidayat - Export Director

PT Nuansa Visi Perdanamandiri

Puri Casablanca B207, Jakarta 12870 - Indonesia

Ph. +622183799655 Fax +622183799755

Email :